Register for the Coachella Valley Boutique Fashion Show

The Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce, Palm Springs Chapter in the Coachella Valley Area Fashion Show is raising awareness about breast cancer. Highlighting local boutique inspirating, women and men who are living with or have overcome breast cancer. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Desert Cancer Foundation. A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping pay for cancer care for local valley residents in the Coachella Valley in need of financial assistance. DCF’s Patient Assistance Program provides financial support for cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment for residents of the Coachella Valley and surrounding communities in need of financial assistance. The program provides timely access to medical treatment for uninsured or underinsured individuals, by covering the cost of insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays/co-insurance, for all treatment related to cancer and its allied diseases. 

Palm Springs Area Chapter President

Julia Moody is the President for the Palm Springs Chapter of the Southern CA Black Chamber of Commerce as well growing business Check With Jules. Growing up in Palm Springs led her down a career path in accounting field. After attending Skadron College of Business, Julia relocated to Las Vegas NV where she shows true dedication of 13 years as a Contribution Accounting Team Leader. With the love and support of family, she moved back to Palm Springs to help care for her mother. As Julia Continues to grow spiritually and mentally in life she has a passion to help the chamber in assisting others with opportunities to grow as well. She believes that assisting the Community is something we all can partake in order to aid our accomplishments in life. She believes that the chamber is a networking opportunity for others that will educate and equip them with the skills to reach their highest potential in a professional environment.