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OUR Mission

The Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce (SCBCC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) business organization dedicated to improving the economic environment for the minority business community, and fostering business development and prosperity. The SCBCC focuses its efforts on four major areas:

  • Economic Development

  • Community Development

  • Public Policy

  • Membership Services

Presidents' Message

Clarity of Vision

Most successful people are driven by an over-riding purpose. Superstars take it one step farther and develop a vision for future growth. This vision helps guide the day-to-day activities and strategic decision-making necessary to achieve success. Before deciding what steps are necessary to move toward your goals, you must be very clear about your desires for yourself and your career or business.

Excellence is a learned behavior, a skill set, Your Vision defines your desired future. Do you have a strong Vision that provides focus and the momentum to take you to where you want to be? Is it in line with what you are doing? If you do have an aligned Vision, do you think it stops there? It shouldn’t. Given today’s dynamic business environment, it is most important to be continually generating new refinements of your Vision. For sustained success it is critical to redefine your Vision, be flexible enough to go in new directions, and sustain focus with new goals and objectives that motivate you.

What do you dream your future could be? Your vision helps you strategically maneuver beyond the details of your current day-to-day activities. Your Vision is intended to be one that will help you visualize specific things that you would like to realize within a certain time frame, say, a few years. However, your vision isn’t grounded in today’s reality. It is a goal to strive for, not a reflection of your current situation. 

Set your target for what you do really well. This will elicit passion and commitment and result in new growth potential. To identify your vision, focus on the future. Don’t forget to consider changes in the global marketplace, the Internet, and technology. Revisit your mission statement with self focus often and with conviction to engage your imagination and motivation for action. 

Proactively align your sales culture, defined values, resources, goals and objectives to reflect your desired future – your Vision.

What do you want your desired future to look like personally and professionally? Define your Vision and set your goals for success!

Moving from the present to your vision requires a gap analysis. This process will help you identify the difference between the two and determine what changes and improvements are necessary to close the gap and help you achieve your vision. Improvement is a continual exercise that never ends because “If you’re not moving forward, you are falling behind.” 

With this in mind, I’m offering today’s suggestion for the week – create a vision – and the following opportunities to improve your performance, and speed you on the path to your success. 

Mr. Rich Wallace


As a nonprofit organization Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce has collaborated with other organizations such as the Asian, Hispanic, Los Angeles, Orange county, Riverside county and San Bernardino chamber of commerce to bring to light not only the needs of community but also solutions.


Thank you for the invitation. Living in vegas and not driving.alters my traveling and participations. I enjoyed your page and photos. Blessings.bro.

Wanda Jeane Dawson-Ewing