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Moreno Valley Chapter President

Anissa Gaston is an experienced registered nurse in the healthcare industry with 8 years of leadership experience and 22+ years of clinical experience (managed care, radiology vascular surgery, hospice, home-health, step-down ICU, emergency department, med/surgical nursing, community AIDs program, geriatrics, public health, and behavioral health nursing).

As a serial entrepreneur, she has founded three successful businesses over the past 20 years.

“My partner (Robert) and I created PECA with the intention to help individuals to turn their dreams into realities. We have learned the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to professional development and entrepreneurship in which this experience is shared with our clients.” 

Moreno Valley Chapter Vice President

Janie Williams is the founder of RE-Hungry WE-Hungry feeding the less fortunate. Her work is a gift and and a ministry from God, Focusing on helping Rebuild their life and to help them see the possibilities for what was lost. Janie is an entrepreneur and multiple business owner.  Eular Mae's cleaning service since 1999, making sure all corners are touched. Also a business owner in the Travel industry. Enriching the lives of others and changing their life's  mindset of of poverty to prosperity for people all around the world. Helping young ladies to find support in different area of their life. Janie is a survivor. 

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