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Inland Valley Chapter President Tolanda Hughes 

is a visionary, leader and entrepreneur by heart. For over 17 years she has made her

way in the beauty industry, owning and managing several salon and spas in her native hometown,

Chicago. Moving to California in 2015 to start a new life, Tolanda has come across many more

opportunities that would lead her to even more successful ventures. Being the visionary that she is,

Tolanda decided to delve deep into the scientific studies of how the creation of things in this world came

to be, which gave her a more powerful way to create the things that she desires. Going through these

studies she earned a bachelors degree in Metaphysical Science, became Metaphysical Practitioner and

Ordained Minister. These credential gives Tolanda the credibility to do what she is naturally born to do.

Tolanda has experienced many traumatic and life challenging experiences, as most of us do, but she

decided to share her story and how she overcame those experiences in the self-publish book Beauti

Butterfli “From Sorrow to Bliss.” Along with this she is currently in the developing stages of creating the

non-profit organization “The Evolution” a Life Skills Training Program for teens. This program will fill in

the gap between teenage years and adulthood giving our young people the everyday life skills needed to

be a successful adult.

As the president of the Inland Valley Chapter Tolanda has developed the membership benefit mantra

NRPR (Networking, Resources, Promotion and Recognition) she wants to remind her members that

there is value here at the SCBCC that will help take their businesses to the next level. With focus on

member satisfaction, retention, recognition, networking and leadership team building, Tolanda feels she

has what it takes to build relationships and provide the resources that other entrepreneurs need to help

grow their businesses.

Although living a very busy life, Tolanda never forgets what’s most important, her family. She is mother

to 4 wonderful children, a new beautiful NanaBaby and she is a dogmom! She loves spending time with

loved ones, traveling, dancing and trying new things.

Inland Valley Chapter Vice President Dr. Evelyn Anderson 

Dr. Evelyn L. Anderson, “Dr. E” is a lifelong public servant and although she has held many titles her heart has always been with entrepreneurship. She served her community as a Deputy Sheriff Sergeant for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for over 20 years and has been a Professor of Criminal Justice, Business, and Public Administration for the past 10 years. She is a subject matter expert in Urban Planning and Development and a specialist in Organizational Leadership.

Dr. Anderson “Dr. E” talents include Consulting in Business Planning and Development. She is a natural leader, analytical, results-oriented, and authoritative. She succeeds in helping to create a culture that drives innovation, change, and results. She thrives on creating ground-breaking change that requires a different way of thinking and operating. She can identify the problem, define the solution, and execute the action plan.

Dr. E chose the chamber as her volunteer organization to offer her unique skills to facilitate a change to the narrative that “there are no Black owned businesses that can compete in government contracts and grant opportunities.”

Dr. E. believes alone we are fierce but together we are a force to be reckoned with and she wants to bring the reckoning!

Inland Valley Chapter Treasurer and the Director of Community Outreach Tonette Blum

Tonette’s career in the health, wellness, beauty, and personal development spans over 3 decades. Her education includes the University of California at Berkeley and California State University, Los Angeles majoring in Business Management with an emphasis on Operational Management. Current she is Director of Sales, for Canada and USA West Region for PM International. PM-International is one of Europe’s largest direct marketing companies in the areas of health, wellness and beauty. They offer high-quality nutritional supplements (the FitLine series) and skin care (the FitLine Skin series). Annual revenue is over $2.55 Billion in annual revenue. Tonette’s primary focus is to develop and maintain programs as well as the communication strategies in on both continents. She is personally committed to developing greater education in healthy living in health, fitness within all communities and demographics.