Inland Cities East Chapter President

Marvin Williams is a Lifelong resident of San Bernardino, who grew up on San Bernardino’s westside. At an early age he witnessed the conception of San Bernardino’s gangs, as well as the drug trade that devoured his community as it did so many other inner cities across America throughout the nineteen eighties. Marvin was not merely a witness to these things but also became actively involved, and by doing so, Marvin suffered the consequences that come with such involvement. Marvin experienced his fair share of run in’s with the law, before he decided to answer the call to serve GOD and offer his life to Jesus Christ in 1997. In 2000 Marvin joined Ecclesia Christian Fellowship Church along with his wife of over 30 years, and their children. Since then Marvin has studied under the teaching and preaching of Senior Pastor Dr. Joshua Beckley, close friend and Minister Dr. Robert Strong, close friend and mentor Minister Brian Williams. Marvin currently serves as Youth Pastor for Ecclesia Christian Fellowship Church, where he works closely with the young adults and youth of the San Bernardino area. He has used his time to work with troubled youth of the San Bernardino area, by promoting the teachings of Jesus Christ, and encouraging the youth to look towards the future and not live only for the “now”. Marvin Williams Graduated from San Bernardino Valley College Psychiatric Technician Program in 1994, earning his certification as well as credits for his A.A. in the process. Currently Marvin Williams is employed at U.F.P. Industries Riverside LLC, located in Riverside, Ca. working as a Cost Accountant. Marvin has worked for his current employer for more than 20 years starting in 2000. Since then Marvin has furthered his education through his employer earning his B.A. in business in 2019. Marvin sees himself as one who can bring people together in order to work towards a common goal. His strength is in his foundation and belief in Jesus Christ, and he attributes all of his accomplishments to this foundation, and having a heart aimed towards inclusivity versus exclusivity. 

Inland Cities East Vice-President

LuCretia Dowdy LuCretia Dowdy is an entertainment and public relations professional hailing from San Bernardino, California. As a graduate of UEI’s Business Office Administration program, she serves the County of San Bernardino’s youngest residents and families through early childhood development funder, First 5 San Bernardino. In 2013, Ms. Dowdy was recognized with the Award for Excellence to the department as their Public Relations & Office Specialist. Her current position within the organization is now Community Engagement Specialist.   Ms. Dowdy is most recognized for her roles in the community as a Columnist for West Side Story Newspaper and Founder of LUE Productions. LUE Productions is an entertainment company founded to highlight emerging homegrown talent and artists in the Inland Empire. LUE Productions specializes in events, media and management with a portfolio of events that include an annual My Music, My Mic Awards show, Annual Yacht Party (you can correct with actual name, or other event) and other platforms for artists to perform and thrive in the entertainment industry. She coordinates yearly projects within the Inland Empire to help feed the homeless. Was honored in 2018 by the Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce for my services in the community. To learn more about work, check out her weekly column “What It Do With Lue” in the West Side Story Newspaper. Having over 15 years’ experience in event planning along with her 16 years with First 5 San Bernardino Ms. has obtained experience coordinating and assisting with developing several community events that involved Legislators, Commissioners, Partner Agencies, and the public. Some of her responsibilities consist of creating a budget; determine staffing levels and assignments; selecting a venue; marketing; providing outcome reports; and coordinating media and vendors. Currently serving as the Vice President for the Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce Inland Cities East Chapter, Ms. Dowdy has served as lead on several project but particularly the San Bernardino MLK Day Parade and Extravaganza in 2020. Some of her responsibilities include coordinating weekly meetings, selecting a meeting venue, and creating advertisement in order to invite, recruit more committee members, and bring awareness to the event as well as the Chamber. 

Inland Cities East Membership Lead 

Kimberly Woods

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