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Hollywood and Surrounding Areas, North & West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Griffith Park, Glendale, Burbank, Universal Cities, Inglewood, Play del rey, Malibu

LyNea "LB" Bell, President Hollywood Chapter

LyNea “LB” Bell is an avid entrepreneur who sees talent, gifts, and opportunities at every turn. Being a triplet and raised by a mother who was a quadriplegic, that never allowed anything to stop her, LyNea was taught to never take no for an answer, not even from herself.

LyNea is the founder and owner of BH Talent and Literacy Agency in Encino, CA. In her field she’s known to be one of the greatest negotiators in the game. She has made her mark, but most importantly an impact on the industry by making sure her client’s best interest are always met, above and beyond expectation.

LyNea “LB” Bell, a mother of 2, is an innovator as well. She is known to be the first, and currently the only African American woman to launch her very own search engine called GOTCONN.COM. In a nutshell, users can get a private based search experience with fast and relevant data results. Users are given the knowledge they need to restore their privacy when searching on the internet.

LyNea “LB” Bell’s most recent contribution to today’s functioning society is the social media platform GOT-CONNECTIONS.org. This extraordinary platform is a cross between Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Zoom. This space gives people a chance to see social media the way it was meant to be. Furthermore, GOT CONNECTIONS is a recognized 501c3 that is in the process of creating outreach and literacy programs that will help to build and restore the communities right in her own backyard, with a global goal in mind.

It is clear that LyNea “LB” Bell is not slowing down and has understood the assignment. She is creating products, processes, and platforms that doesn’t just serve her interest, but truly the interest of a better world.