Hollywood Area Chapter President

Linda Lewis is a talented conflict analyst, facilitator and counselor who helps individuals toward actions and decision-making. She is sought after by individuals and organizations for her unique ability to help others with resolutions. She has also been a volunteer mediator for the LA City Attorney’s Dispute Resolution Program, in which she received the William C. Hobbs (Outstanding Adult Volunteer) Award by the County Board of Supervisors.    She has over 20 years experience in Sales & Marketing with a large portion in merchant services. She is a longtime Volunteer Analyst for the Housing Rights Center. Her expertise include community resource and development, community liaison, marketing, networking, human resources, vendor/event coordinator, entrepreneurship, actor and more.  She holds a BA degree in Behavioral Science, and also Africana Studies. Her Master’s Degree is in Negotiation Conflict Resolution & Peacebuilding. She is the past President of Black Women’s Network in Los Angeles, serving two terms, and has served several positions on the board of directors there to include Vice President/Membership Chair.